portfolio 17

Portfolio (def: Bing) - “denoting or engaged in an employment pattern which involves a succession of short-term contracts”  

Portfolio 17: supplying interim professional service and support business solutions across commercial and “not for profit” markets.

 Launched in 2017, our goals are to provide services and solutions in 17 countries and to attract 17 partners. Our motto is “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”...

Our mission is to provide individual and collaborative expertise to support the relevant core business sector for our clients. Portfolio 17 provides a framework and a vehicle to market to showcase our shared complementary skills.

Our modus operandi includes the provision of seamless, bolt-on services and negotiated bespoke fees for work we love to do.

We actively identify and utilise the untapped, mature and more experienced candidates. They bring both a diverse range and variety of business knowledge whilst promoting life/work balance. We enhance and support customers, associates and their businesses through periods of change.

Our portfolio includes recruitment, service delivery and customer end to end support in the IT, telecoms, FMCG, finance and international property sectors. Portfolio 17’s consultants additionally have access to fund-raising specialists, HR professionals, sales, marketing and technical experts working locally, nationally and internationally.


executive search, advertised assignments, success-only contingency, in-house resourcing, talent acquisition, candidate profiling

New Business Development

telemarketing, telesales, research, competitor mapping, lead generation, appointment setting, telephone surveys

Service Delivery

customer services, service delivery, post sales support, service support, troubleshooting, issue resolution, service/customer services recruitment

Real Estate Services

apartments, villas, buy, sell, rent, legal assistance, supplementary services, Eastern Algarve, Portugal, Spain